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Introducing: The Adventures of Preetybyrd and Lucybear

This is the completely true story of the wild and wacky adventures I have had in my dating life with my trusty sidekick Lucybear.

About me: I am a single professional female in the DC area and enjoy hanging out with friends, going to restaurants, nightlife and have many funny (in my opinion) and varied dating stories which I have chosen to depict.

About Lucybear: She is a nine pound Pekingese puppy who thinks she is a 100 pound Pitbull! She likes to bite ankles and destroy evil people everywhere.

These stories are a mixture of experiences I have had throughout my dating life, with some improvisation and embellishment.

I hope you enjoy!


About the artist:
Many people have asked about the amazing artwork on this blog. The talented artist is Jamie Ludovoise: